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Offset Press Why to Modify UVLED Curing Equipment

2024-05-22 18:01:33

First, it takes 4 ~ 8min to start the high-pressure mercury lamp from the start to the stable operation of the lamp, and the photoelectric parameters change greatly during the start process. In addition, in a low temperature environment, the start of high-pressure mercury lamps will be more difficult, or even can not start. After the high-pressure mercury lamp is extinguished during work, it cannot be started again immediately, and the restart time needs 5 ~ 10min.

Second, the high-pressure mercury lamp has a short service life, generally about 800 hours.

Third, high energy consumption, no energy saving, increasing the production cost of enterprises.

Fourth, it contains highly toxic mercury, emits VOCS, and is not environmentally friendly.

Switching to DSXUV UVLED curing light source equipment has the following significant advantages:

1, Low power consumption: the power consumption is only 30% of the traditional mercury lamp curing machine.

2, High and low temperature: uvled light source has the characteristics of power saving up to 80% and low irradiation temperature.

3, Easy customization: The effective irradiation area can be customized, and the corresponding LED UV can be customized according to the customer model.

4, Quality assurance: Kohwa uses Japanese and Korean chips, all-inorganic packaging technology, quartz lenses, etc., to effectively ensure quality.

5, Long life: The service life of LED-UV lamp is more than 10 times that of traditional mercury lamp, and the service life is not affected by the number of switches.

6, Instant switch: The maximum power UV output can be reached without preheating, and the machine can be turned back on instantaneously after closing.

7, Low temperature and high efficiency: cold light source UV equipment, low temperature and high energy, stable light output, good uniform irradiation effect, improve production efficiency.

8, The LEDUV curing unit is irradiated from a distance, using secondary or tertiary optical configurations such as the receiving part of a sheet-fed offset press, the spraying of automobiles, furniture, etc.

9, In offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, high-speed inkjet printing and other high-speed presses, our high energy intensity design solutions to achieve better results.

10, Safety and environmental protection: no mercury, no heavy metal harmful substances, will not produce ozone, safe, environmental protection, energy saving, is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional light source technology.

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